21 Days to a Simple Christmas, Day 8


Day 8 of the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas

Today’s challenge (well, I think it was really yesterday’s challenge I forgot to post)  was to read chapter 5 of the Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas and to plan whether or not to send Christmas cards.

My mom used to write Christmas cards each year and tuck a picture of us kids inside. We would received a bunch from friends and family and it was always fun to see the variety we would get each year. We would display them around the house or tape them to the door. My mom even had some really old Christmas cards that she had attached foam backing and magnets to and we would display them each year on the refrigerator.

When my daughter was little we made up a set Christmas card magnets for our refrigerator too, but they are long gone now. At our house we will display the cards we receive on the mantel or china cabinet. Then at the end of the year I will tuck them into a tin holder and pack them away so I know who I need to send cards to the next year. Makes my Christmas card list easier to write.

I usually will take some photos of the kids in October or November and order some photo Christmas cards to send out. But this year I just didn’t get around to it. So instead of making myself crazy (and my kids crazy too by trying to get the perfect picture) I decided to pick out a few photos from this past year and make a Christmas letter that includes those photos and a little about our year. Then as I can print the letter and mail it or email it out to friends and family.

I also like the idea that Michelle from Simplify, Live, Love posted about using PicMonkey to make a photo Christmas card. She has a great tutorial with the sizes to make the graphic for different size photo paper. You could even make up the photo and have them printed at your local store that has photo services.

What are you doing this year? Are you sending out cards or a newsletter? 



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2 thoughts on “21 Days to a Simple Christmas, Day 8”

  1. Thanks for sharing my tutorial, Shelly. I still have to order those pictures! I plan to write cards next week when my daughter has her hip surgery because I’ll need to stay occupied or go crazy. The past few years, I have made and ordered cards from various card places like Minted or the like. 🙂 So this is switching it up a bit for me.

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