4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 11…Candy Store Trip and More

Today we ventured out to The Candy Basket store. We went there for our Frugal Family Fun because they have a chocolate waterfall so to speak. My daughter has been to see if before but not my son. So we took a trip there today. I am not sure that my son was all that impressed with the chocolate fall but he still enjoyed picking out some candy. If you like the smell of chocolate this store is just heavenly. It smells so good in there.

The kids got to pick out some candy for each of them. Unfortunately because of a milk allergy they couldn’t have any chocolate but we did find a few things they could eat.

After the spending some time at the candy store. We went over to a local farm market on the way home. We had to balance out the not so good for you stuff with the good for you stuff. We went to look at all the flowers they had for sale along with the fruits and veggies. I also found a half flat of strawberries on sale for $5. So we picked those up to take home and dehydrate them.

Once home the kids helped me wash and cut the berries. My daughter cuts them and my son puts them on the drying racks. We were able to get this finished in no time because of all the help I had.

Well that was our busy frugal fun day. How about you did you do anything fun today?


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  1. I love the candy store idea, and that chocolate waterfall is pretty cool! We have a life sized chocolate moose at one of our Maine candy stores . . . We haven’t been there yet, but we may just have to visit!

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