4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 15…Face Painting

Today we made our own face paints. I found this recipe over at I Can Teach My Child. This recipe was really easy to make and the kids helped me mix them up. To make this recipe you only need cornstarch, water, milk and food coloring.

I did find that this face paint does leave a little color behind when washed off. I don’t know if that was because we used too much food coloring, I just wanted to warn you. The star we put on my daughters face came off no problem with a little face wash. The ones on our hands left a little color behind but not too much.

We mixed the face paint up and we found some of our paintbrushes. We found the smaller/finer paintbrushes worked the best for painting on the skin. I made a star on my daughters face and a heart on her hand. Then she went ahead and did some on her other hand herself. She really enjoyed this activity but my son that was another story.

I don’t quite know why he seemed to be afraid of painting on his skin. He will write on himself with a pen so I don’t know what the trouble was. He did allow me, after he saw how much fun his sister was having, to paint a sunshine on his hand. He said it tickled as I was painting the sunshine on.

After a while my son decided he needed to paint on his sister. So his sister ended up with lots of paintings on her hand, arms, legs and feet. Not surprising my son still only had the one sunshine on his hand. He enjoyed creating the paintings but not making them on himself.

We found if we were careful until the paint dried it stayed on well. It only took a few minutes to dry and then we didn’t have to worry about it getting on their clothes. But while it was wet it will transfer to the clothing or other items.

 This activity turned out fun for everyone and a great frugal way to do your own face painting at home.


1 thought on “4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 15…Face Painting”

  1. It looks like your kids had some much fun with this activity! I’m know my kids would love this, but I’m sure we’d end up with paint on more than just our skin…..like the walls, floor, and possibly carpet. 🙂 My two oldest kid would probably do great with this activity, but my 3yo & 5yo boys would probably get a bit crazy. I can see them now….

    Glad you guys had fun!

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