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4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 18…Watercolor Drawings

My kids like to paint so we used our watercolor pencils to make our own paint with water pictures. To get started the kids got out some of our heavier weight paper. Since we were going to be adding water to the paper we wanted it to be stronger than the regular copy paper.

The kids started designing their pictures. My son made a picture of a room with a blue wall. My daughter a picture of a waterfall like the one we saw at the rhododendron gardens recently. My son did not use too much color so it was a little more difficult to get it to blend. We have found that by putting a little more color on the paper it will blend better with the water.

My daughter has had these watercolor pencils for a while. They are really nice for kids to use as they are not messy like regular paint. In the past we had some watercolor markers that worked really well also. It is great to watch the kids draw their pictures then be able to paint just with water. When the pictures dry they look like they were painted.

Both kids like to create things so this was a good activity to do inside, as it was a little warm outside today.


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