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4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 2…Science Fun


Today the weather was really bad outside. We had buckets of rain coming down outside so I had the kids pick out a science experiment. My daughter had some experiment sets she had not used yet so the kids picked one of those out and we did the experiment.

How the Experiment Went

The kids mix everything up themselves and had some fun watching the experiment “run” so to speak for a while. My kids really like science and look forward to seeing what will happen with each experiment we do.

So we had fun today with doing a science experiment. This was a good activity for such a gloomy rainy day. I have included the instructions below in case this would be something your kids might enjoy.

The items we used were all in our kit, but I am sure they would be easy to come up with them at home too.

What you will need

Crystal Ball Experiment

Vegetable Oil
Color tablet (like the ones you use to color eggs at easter in the kits) or I think food dye would work.
a clear container with a lid (our kit had a test tube with a lid in it)

What to do

Fill the container with half vegetable oil. Then fill with warm water. Let the kids observe that the water and oil don’t mix. Then add the color tablet it will fizz and dissolve. Then turn the tube over a few time and watch the oil and color water mix. Let it sit for a while and the oil and water will separate out again.


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2 thoughts on “4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 2…Science Fun”

    1. My son loves anything he can call a science experiment. He has done all the experiments with us for my daughter’s science this past year.

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