4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 20…Water Balloons


Today is the last day in this series. I hope you all have enjoyed 4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun series. Our family had fun doing so many things together. I know there are a few activities our family will continue to do again and again.

We decided to do an activity with water again today as these seem to be the most fun for my son. My daughter enjoyed it today too. We made our target for the water balloons. We used chalk to draw a big target on the patio.

 Then we went inside to fill the balloons with water. I got a deal on a package of 100 balloons at the dollar store. We filled up about 7 for each of the kids. I placed them into a bucket to keep them safe from popping while we were traveling with them out of the house.

Once outside the kids took turns trying to break a balloon on the target. My daughter had one balloon pop on her just as she took it out of the bucket. After a few balloon hit the target it started to fade.

We had a few balloon bounce the first few times the kids threw them and the kids had to chase them down. But that is just part of the fun.

My daughter found one of her balloon had sprung a  leak in it. This leaking balloon was spraying like a little fountain. My son decided to try to throw a balloon on top of the house it missed and broke right by the sliding glass door. Lucky for me it was near the part of the door that was not open.

After all the balloons were popped. The kids used the hose to rinse off the rest of the chalk. We have lots of balloons leftover so I am sure we will be doing this activity again really soon.

What fun did you have today?



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