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4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun Day 4..Planting in the Garden

We finally had a dry day here today. After so many days of rain it is nice to have a sunny day. It is up to 70 degrees today and sunny. So we couldn’t resist getting outside for a while today for our frugal family fun.

So I had the kids gather up some seeds to plant.

While they were picking out the seeds I was breaking up the soil in the areas we would be planting. With all the rain the soil had compacted, so it needed to be broken up. After that was done it was time to plant.

Then the kids joined me outside with some seeds for a fun time of planting not only vegetable seeds but also some flower seeds. The kids had planted some flower seeds earlier this year but only three sprouted. So they wanted to plant a few new flower seeds in the pots we had already filled with dirt.

The dogs came out with us to enjoy the sunshine. It was so nice and warm they really enjoyed laying in the sun. Before we went in the kids looked over our raspberries to see if any were ripe. They found a few and picked them to eat. We didn’t find any strawberries to eat but I did find one the squirrels had chewed on and left it half eating. I wish they would at least eat it all if they are going to take them.

After about an hour or so outside it was time for lunch. So with dirty hands and smiles on everyone’s faces we all went in to have some lunch. Who knew you could have so much fun growing your own food.

Do grow any of your own food?


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