Eating in Season

We live in a time where you can get almost any type of produce at any time of year. But when you eat in season you can get the best of the best. A strawberry in season has  a wonderful sweet flavor. An out of season strawberry can be hard and lacking in flavor. Not to mention when an item is plentiful and in season the cost is usually lower than when the item is out of season.

By knowing what is in season for your area you can be on the look out for some great produce deals. You might even consider when you find a great deal to buy extra and freeze or can it. I found a great resource that can help you determine what is in season in your state.

I used the Peak-Season Map to see what was in season in my area this month. Just click on your state and select the month you want to check.

I found that in my area this is what is in season for the month of June.


I found a great deal on cherries at two store this past week and my lettuce and spinach are finally starting to grow fairly well. I also noticed a few u-pick strawberry fields were opening up too in my area.

By eating what is in season you can find the best tasting produce at the best prices. You can also know what will most likely be available at your local farmers market or fruit stand so you can plan your meals around farm fresh produce that will not only taste good but be good for you.

So go here and see what is in season in your area.

What is your favorite food that is in season in your area now?

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