4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer…Day 5 Baking Mix

Today’s freezer cooking is Baking Mix.

I have used a few different recipes for baking mix in the past. This time I thought I would give Money Saving Mom’s baking mix recipe a try. I will be using half whole wheat flour that I ground and half unbleached all-purpose flour. Around here we like the mix of the two flours instead of just all whole wheat.

I mixed the flour, sugar, baking powder, cream of tartar, powdered milk and salt. I used the whisk to mix all the ingredients together.

Then I added the shortening and cut it in with my hands. I find using my hands works better than using a fork. I like to cut the shortening in until it looks like fine crumbs.

Mixing the shortening in
Here it is all mixed in

Then I just package it up in a zipper freezer bag, labeled it and sealed it. I put it into the freezer until I am ready to use it. I use it in place of Bisquick.

Here are a few recipes to use this baking mix in Cinnamon Rolls Biscuits, Sugar Cookies,  Velvet Crumb Cake, and BBQ Cups.

Tomorrow will be the start of the lunch freezer cooking. I am looking forward to having some quick lunch items ready in the freezer for when we are having a busy day.

Did you make the baking mix today? What will you be making with it? Do you have a favorite recipe to use baking mix with?

2 thoughts on “4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer…Day 5 Baking Mix”

  1. We also like half whole wheat and half white flour in our baked goods. I like the idea of 100% whole wheat, but it does seem to make things very dense and heavy. I hope you like this baking mix…looks like you found quite a few things to use it for. I will have to try the sugar cookie and garlic and cheese biscuit recipes…they sound great!

    1. I have made 100% wheat biscuits before but like you it seems a little heavy. I hope you like the recipes. The only ones we have actually made are the BBQ cups, cinnamon roll biscuits and garlic and cheese biscuit. The other ones I am going to give a try with this batch baking mix.

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