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Bulk Freezer Cooking Chicken Breasts

I got my order of 20 pound of chicken a few weeks ago. I was able to process the chicken in about one and a half hours. I really like Zaycon foods chicken. It is always delivered fresh. It have very little fat to remove.

The first thing I need to do is make my chicken plan up and then post it on my cupboard so I can refer to it easily.

Here is how an average chicken breast looks right out of the box.

The chicken comes in a box with 4 ten pound bags of chicken. I usually will split a box with a friend so I only have two bags to deal with. I will take the first bag and rinse each breast set and place them in a big bowl.


Then I start to portion and cut up the chicken to make my meal packages.

For the chicken stir fry I slice the chicken into strips. For the other packages I take a chicken breast and cut it in half lengthwise like to butterfly it but I go all the way through to make it into two portions. I do this because these breast are larger than the average ones you can purchase frozen in the bags from the store.

This time I made,

4 Cashew Chicken Stir Fry Packages

3 Sweet Asian Chicken

 3 Fajita Chicken

I just sprinkle the chicken breast on each side with chili powder.


3 Chicken Tenders Some how I missed a picture of these.

 2 BBQ Chicken

1 Herb and Spice Rubbed Chicken I use the same recipe for rub as the whole chicken I prepare.

3 Cooked Chicken Packages

I grilled the chicken and then sliced and portioned into 3 packages. We also had some chicken for dinner the night I did all the freezer cooking.

So I ended up with 20 meals out of 20 pounds of chicken.

This should last us about 3 months until the next chicken sale with Zaycon Foods. If any of you are interested in any of these freezer package recipes let me know I will try to post them over the next month.


Disclosure: The Zaycon Foods link is my referral link, I recommend Zaycon Foods because I have been really happy with their products that I have purchased.



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