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Freezer Batch Cooking, Island Chicken

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Freezer Batch Cooking With Chicken,

Because I order chicken on a regular basis from Zaycon foods (my referral link), well each time they do a delivery in my area, I need to have a few recipes to use for all that chicken. I usually order 40 pounds at a time and split it with a friend. Sometimes I keep the whole 40 pounds of chicken for myself. I am getting fairly good at processing the chicken. I can get the 20 pounds into sauces and into the freezer in about an hour now.

I have found the best way to process that much chicken is with a little planning. I almost always plan which recipes I will use and how many packages of each I will be making. Then before I even pick up the chicken I will make the marinades and place them in the bags that are already labeled.

So once I get the chicken home all I have to do is trim, portion and slide the chicken into each bag. I like to freeze them laying flat so they don’t take up so much room in the freezer and they thaw a lot faster too for those days when I forget to take the meat packs out the night before.

With my last purchase of chicken I wanted to find a few new recipes to try. I usually will make fajitas,  stir fry chicken packages, barbecue chicken, and a few others. So I went searching around the web and I found this recipe for Island Chicken. Click the link to go over and print the recipe.

Island chicken in Bag

I  made this recipe for the first time and it was really good. I just thawed the meat package, placed it in the crock pot on low for about 6-7 hours and the house smelled great.

This recipe will be added to my regular rotation of chicken recipes to use when I make a big bulk purchase of chicken for my freezer cooking. I have a few other chicken packages in the freezer waiting to be cooked so as I prepare each new recipe, if it is a good one I will be sure to share those too.

Ready To Serve


If you are looking for some new chicken freezer recipes be sure to add this one to your list to give a try. 🙂

Do you like to make meals or meat packages for the freezer? If you do, do you have a favorite chicken recipe you could share? Just scroll down to leave a comment and tell me about your recipe.


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