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Frugal Challenge: Brownies

The Frugal Challenge are posts I will be adding where I compare the cost of a made from scratch item to a ready made or mix item from the store bought at the best price I have found with or without coupons. So here is my first one:

Frugal Challenge Brownies

Best price for a box of Brownies:

Duncan Hines $.99 for a box then you add the oil, water and eggs for a total of $1.46 for a 9X13 pan brownies

Pillsbury $.29 for a box with a coupon and then add the oil, water and eggs for a total of $.76 for a 9X13 pan

For the cost of my recipe Brownies:

Flour 1 cup $.16
Sugar 2 cups $.25
Eggs 4 $.44
Cocoa Powder 5 T $.20
Vanilla 1 t $.02
Butter/Margarine 3/4 cup $.63

For a total of $1.70 for a 9X13 pan

So as you can see it is less expensive to go with a box mix and add your other items. We can only buy the Duncan Hines because it doesn’t contain dairy like the Pillsbury does. So my cost is really close either way. I really can’t tell a big difference between box and from scratch brownies. So if I can find the dairy free brownie mix for $.99 or less I purchase it otherwise I just make them from scratch. We also use margarine instead of butter because of the dairy allergies in our family, so I don’t know how accurate that calculation is for the butter price. Brownies made with butter may cost a bit more or less depending on your price. My price is calculated for $1.67 a pound.



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