Fajita Bowls Recipe

I was over at Meet Penny today looking over her free no-oven menu planner for the month of August. When I noticed this recipe for Fajita Bowls. Since we really like Fajitas I thought this recipe looked really good. The recipe is written so you can use any meat so this would be a great recipe to use any leftover meat you have from another meal or a combination of bits of leftover meat from meals earlier in the week. I am sure you can mix and match the veggies and beans too. We will be giving this recipe a try really soon to see how our family likes it. If you are looking for some great oven free recipes for dinner be sure to go over to Meet Penny and see what she has to offer.

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    1. You are welcome. I really enjoy looking over your site and you have great information to share. I am sure this recipe will become a favorite of ours too.

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