MYO: Breadcrumbs

Make Your Own:

These are post about how to make your own of something you might just normally buy at the store.

I usually will make my own breadcrumbs. I just save any heels of the bread we don’t eat and freeze them. When I need some breadcrumbs I take out a few heels and toast them while still frozen. You could just let them thaw but sometimes I don’t remember to get them out early enough.

Then I tear them up into smaller pieces and put them into my food processor.

Then process them until they are fine in texture, Like this:


That is all there is to making breadcrumbs at home. I am not sure how much they cost at the store but for the cost of a few slices of bread you can have a cup or two of breadcrumbs.



4 thoughts on “MYO: Breadcrumbs”

    1. Tamaran, I store them in the refrigerator in a zipper bag or if I need to extend their shelf life I will freeze the breadcrumbs in a freezer bag. I’ve had them stay good in the refrigerator a month or more. If I want to store them beyond a month I put them into the freezer. I hope that helps.

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