Price Reductions I Noted At Winco Foods

Winco Foods

I know it is hard to believe but I actually found some price reductions on items at Winco Foods. Here is a list of the new prices I found at the 122nd and Halsey store.

5 dozen Large Eggs $6
Hytop Tomato Paste $.38 each these used to be $.48each
Hytop Unbleached Flour 5lb bags $1.56 each these used to be $1.61 it is less expensive to purchase two 5lb bags than it is to buy a 10lb bag at $3.32
5 lb Onions $1.78 I don’t remember the old price but this is a good deal onions $.36/lb
Lindsay Olives size small $.78/can these are usually $.98/can so a good savings I don’t think this is a permanent reduction


Well that is all the reductions I saw for what I was purchasing. There weren’t too many but at least the prices were not going up.

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