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4 Weeks of Frugal Recipes Day One..Oat Groats

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Day One Oat Groats

I think most people like oatmeal. It is a great economical breakfast if you make it yourself at home. I have shared how I make our own instant oatmeal packets at home in the past.

But sometimes we want something a little different. Which is when I will make oat groats. I purchase the oat groats in the bulk food section at Winco Foods.

I think the last time I purchased the price was $.58/lb. So it makes for a very inexpensive breakfast.

Let me share the recipe I use at our home,

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Oat Groats Soaking


Groats After soaking overnight

After cooking 30 minutes


Upclose oat groats done



Oat Groats

Servings 6 servings
Author Shelly


  • 1 cup oat groats
  • 3 cups water
  • Milk and extra add-ins of your choice


  • Place the oats in a pan and add the water.
  • Boil them for about 3-5 minutes the night before, then cover and let soak overnight.
  • In the morning, heat the oats to a simmer and cook with the lid slightly ajar for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Once cooked add a little brown sugar or maple syrup and/or dried fruit.
  • Add milk or soy milk to taste and enjoy.


What’s your favorite cheap and easy breakfast idea?


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