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Simple Side Dish, Roasted Asparagus

I often get whatever vegetables are on sale at my local discount store, Everyday Deals each week. By doing my shopping this way we end up eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables. But it does make me search for different ways to cook the vegetable I purchase. Since I am able to get asparagus on sale fairly often. I have tried preparing asparagus a few different ways. This recipe is by far the easiest and best tasting yet.

My favorite way to cook asparagus is by roasting them. It gives a great flavor and they end up being tender-crisp. It is a really simple easy way to prepare a side dish and if you like asparagus I think you will really like this dish. I am sure it would work fairly well with frozen asparagus but I used fresh asparagus for this recipe.

I washed the asparagus and removed the woody end part. Then I placed them on a rimmed baking sheet and added some olive oil.

I stirred them around a bit to be able to distribute the oil and then added salt and pepper. They already look great, don’t they?

I then roasted at 375 degrees until they were tender crisp. That is it easy peasy.

I hope you enjoy this simple side dish recipe as well as we do.

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