10 Goals for this Week

This week was a little slower paced week. Next week we wrap up the first term of our new homeschool year. It is amazing how fast the time goes by it is hard to believe it is almost the end of October already. We tried a new recipe, Brownies in a cup, cooked in the microwave. So quick and easy to make along with being portion controlled.

The kids and myself started a project of polishing some rocks they gathered. So this project will take us about 4 weeks to complete. Each week will have a new step so this will help to teach my youngest about being more patient. Most days I read the Bible to the kids at breakfast which seems to be working out pretty well for all of us.

I didn’t get a call made this week to encourage someone but I did get an email of encouragement sent out. I only got exercising in twice this week. But at least I am making some progress. I didn’t get to any diet changes this week though. I am still brainstorming about our family goals and blog goals for next year. Once I get them done I will work on some of my own goals too.

I was able to get all my 31 Days of Homemaking up this week each day. Only a few more days and the series will be complete. So onto this week,

What I was able to get accomplished this week


1. Try another new recipe
2. Brainstorm goals for our family for next year
3. Do Bible reading each morning with the kids
4. Do a project with the kids


5. Exercise 10 minutes
6. Start on diet changes
7. Drink 8 glasses of water each day
8. Make a call to encourage someone


9. Continue 31 Days of Homemaking posts
10. Start on blog goals for next year


10 Goals for this Week


1. Bible Reading each morning
2. Try another new recipe
3. Keep working on Family goals for next year
4. Continue the project with the kids


5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
6. Exercise 10 minutes each day
7. Send an e-mail or make a call to encourage someone this week
8. Pray for others while doing my household chores


9. Finish 31 Days of Homemaking posts.
10. Attend a twitter party

What are your goals for this week?


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