10 Goals for This Week

This week I was able to accomplish quite a few goals. I am really happy about doing a little better this week. I am still struggling with getting my goals planned out for the next year. So I am going to focus on one area at a time and break the goal setting down into steps.

So this week I will  just work on goals for our homeschool for next year. Then when I have that done I will start working on my next set of goals. I think making this small change will help me to be more motivated to get my goals done and also make the whole process seem less daunting.


What I was able to get accomplished this week


1. Bible Reading each morning ( we got this done most mornings bu we missed a few)
2. Try another new recipe
3. Keep working on Family goals for next year
4. Continue the project with the kids


5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day ( did well this week)
6. Exercise 10 minutes each day
7. Send an e-mail or call to encourage someone this week
8. Pray for others while doing my household chores


9. Finish 31Day of Homemaking posts.
10. Attend a twitter party

10 Goals for this Week


1. Continue Bible Reading each morning
2. Continue working on a project with the kids
3. Work on goals for our homeschool for next year
4. Try a new apple recipe this week.


5. Exercise at least once this week
6. Pray for others while doing household chores
7. Finish new schedule for the next quarter of homeschooling
8. Get to bed on time this week


9. Plan blog posts for the rest of this month
10. Set up a new plugin I want to use

So how did your week go last week?


4 thoughts on “10 Goals for This Week”

  1. Great job on your goals last week, Shelly! You got a lot accomplished. And you attended a twitter party? Very cool! I’ve gotten a lot better about keeping up with and understanding twitter parties. At first, I think I was pretty confused and lost. Lol. Tweet chat is what I use to keep up.

    Good job with your water intake, too. I feel like I’ve been drinking more water lately, but still not enough.

    An apple recipe sounds good. What will you be making? I’d love to make an apple pie in the near future, but will probably wait until Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner anyway. 🙂

    1. I use Tweet chat myself. This last party was a little slower than the other ones I have been to in the past and it was a nice change from trying to keep up with the bigger ones I have been too before. Everything moves so fast.

      I haven’t decided on the apple recipe yet. I think I will look around today for one and then make it and post on Thursday or friday if my week goes well. It is funny you mention apple pie. I very rarely make apple pie but it does sound so good. I think I will be making a tar heel pie this year for Thanksgiving. I saw the recipe in one of my free magazines and it is a brownie in a pie. Looks so good.

  2. You did great on your goals this week Shelly! My goals kind of fell by the wayside this week with our power being out for over 2 days. Hopefully I can get back on track this week and get my chores and blogging stuff done 🙂

    1. I think you have a great excuse for not getting your goals done. I am just so happy you and your family were safe through the storm and didn’t have any damage to your home. I am sure this week will go better for you.

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