10 Weekly Goals

This week did not go quite as planned. My daughter got sick with a cold. So this week we scaled back our homeschool so she would have more down time to rest while the rest of us tried to stay well. So our week was a little less productive but some weeks you just need to step back and slow down.

We did have a very nice Thanksgiving and my daughter is doing much better so this week is already looking better. Now fingers crossed that the rest of us can stay well.

What I was able to accomplish this week,


1. Bible reading each morning with the kids (with my daughter being sick this fell by the wayside)
2. Plan our Thanksgiving menu
3. Try a new recipe (Tried Tar Heel Pie it was really good)
4. Play a game with the kids


5. Go to bed on time
6. Pray for others while doing household work
7. Listen to one sermon online
8. Exercise once this week


9. Finish freezer cooking turkey soup post
10. Attend an online class

10 Goals for This Week


1. Bible reading in the morning with the kids
2. Get caught up on homeschool items and grading
3. Play a game with the kids
4. Have some read a loud time


5. Exercise one time this week
6. Drink 8 glasses of water
7. Make a to do list each day
8. Start working on my long term goals


9. Resume 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home..Simplified Posts
10. Work on a cookie recipe post

What are your plans for this week?



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