2013 Goals January Update

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”-Karen Lamb

I can’t believe that January is already gone by, well actually a little of February too. So I thought I would give an update on the progress I am making on my yearly goals. I am also wondering what kind of progress you are making on your goals for this year.

What I was able to get accomplished in January,

Seeking God

Bible Reading with the Kids each day Most days we are listing to the Bible on CD at breakfast. This is working out really well
Prayer time each day Most days I get prayer time in while I am working on laundry or cleaning
Ministering to other by praying, encouraging notes, phone calls


Be more aware of my husbands needs, do special things for him I made some cookies last week that I knew he would enjoy.
Take time with each child every week or at least each month
Teach kids to be productive and contribute by helping in the kitchen, yard, garden, chores This has been a little bit of a battle with my son but we are making progress.
Homeschooling for my daughter grade 10th to 11th
Homeschooling for my son grade 1st to 2nd

Home Management

Organize and declutter the whole house, do one room/area a month and maintain rooms already accomplished  The living room is done and I have started on the kitchen
Set a cleaning schedule up and stick with it For the month of January I kept up with the new cleaning schedule and the house looks really good.
Meal plan and prep, plan menu for 5 weeks at a time and do regular quick freezer cooking sessions, try new recipes regularly February meal plan is done
Make a plan with my husband about any home improvements we need to tackle this year and schedule One home improvement project came up this month but we haven’t made any plans yet.
Continue my coupon shopping, bulk buying, freezer cooking and couponing to keep our household and grocery bill down. I did some freezer cooking this past month and  I just purchased 40 pounds of chicken today from Zaycon Foods so I will be adding it to the freezer in April when it comes in.


Get Budget plan set for the year and re-evaluate each month We stuck with the budget plan for January
Rebuild saving for medical expenses
Give regularly
Start saving towards a rental purchase (this is going to take quite a while but each year we will be closer)
Contribute and Invest on a regular basis We have a budget amount to go to investing each month


Read 12 books this year I completed one book and I am currently reading my second book. 
Do a craft project a month
Lose 40 pounds I lost 2 pounds last month
Expand my knowledge base in the areas of blogging, graphics and business  I attended 6 webinars last month
Take more photographs and work on improving my skills


Make a blogging schedule  I have established a schedule but I am still working on sticking to it.
Set blogging times for each day with limits  This is going to be a work in progress 
Plan blog posts one month in advance  I have a plan for this month
Schedule post one week in advance  I am about 5 days ahead at this point.
Write 6 to 12 guest post to submit

What kind of progress did you make last month on your goals in January?


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