December Goals Update

Inside: What I accomplished on my November goals and my goal plan for December.

Christmas is fast approaching. I’ve got my shopping done and need to work on finishing up my holiday baking. I’ll be making the holiday meal and hosting family for Christmas. It will be a busy month but it’s always fun to bake with the kids and visit with family.

How my November goals went and what's on my goal plan for December.

December Goals Update

This month I’ll be working on 5 main areas. Home Projects, Healthy Habits, Blog Growth, Family Time, and Using my Online Calendar. I’ve updated the progress I made on each goal as well as my plans for this month too. I would love to have you share in the comments below what your goals are for this month.

Home Projects

The leaves are still falling, but they are almost done. I continue to have to work at picking them up about once a week and I’m hopeful by the end of the month all of our trees will be bare of leaves.

I don’t have any new home projects scheduled for this month since getting ready for the holidays is a part-time job in itself. My main goal for this month is to get a good cleaning done in the main areas of the house and to finish up our Christmas preparations.

Family Time

This past month we did a few projects for our family time. We made a few new ornaments for our Christmas tree. You can see the cute popsicle snowmen and the felt Christmas trees we made. We will be working on one more ornament. I’ll be sharing it soon too.

This month we will be spending time making candy and baking cookies to share with others. As well as getting our Christmas cards sent out.

Healthy Habits

This past month I continued exercising regularly with the kids getting 15 minutes in 4 days a week. I’ve been continuing to limit my eating and I’m eating less. Snacks have been few and far between at night and I’ve been getting extra exercising in with yard work.

For this month, my goal is to keep up the exercising with the kids and to limit my sweets. I make so many cookies and candy we will have it around for a while. I’d like to keep my consumption of sweets to only for dessert. I try to keep the cookies and candy out of sight so I’m not so tempted to eat them.

How my November goals went and what's on my goal plan for December.

Blog Growth

This past month was a great month for email sign ups. The holiday planner was a big hit and it helped to grow the email list by 20%. Which was more than I had expected but a wonderful surprise.

I also finished the new 2017 Homemaking Planner and put it up for sale last month. I’m hoping to get a new email sign up freebie ready for later this month too.

Organizing my Time

I’m doing better at keeping my time organized. I still struggle with using Google calendar but I’m making progress with it. I need to get better at writing my to-do list from it every night and keep up with adding events to the calendar. I’m still determined to make it work, it’s just taking me a while.

Those are my 5 main goals for this month. I’ve been keeping on track with my goals using the steps I learned in the Make Over Your Year Course (affiliate link) It has really helped me to break down my goals into steps for each week and each month to reach my goals. So far it’s been going really well this year. If you need to set goals of your own I would definitely recommend Crystal’s Make Over Your Year course. You don’t have to wait for the new year to start to make over your year, you can start today!

What goals are you working on for this month? I would love to have you share them in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “December Goals Update”

  1. Good job on all the progress on your goals! You’re accomplishing so much 🙂

    My goal this week is to work through one lesson of an online course I’m taking and write a good chunk of an ebook that I’ve been working on, so that I can finally get it done.

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