Goal Planning


With the new year just around the corner, I have been seriously thinking about my goals for this up coming year. Until this past year I have never been one to set goals each week, but this past year I have noticed I have been able to stay focused and get more accomplished by having goals to shoot for each week.

So I am taking the leap and I am going to try to make my goals for the next year. Planning goals for a year is something new to me as I usually just think one week ahead and not one year ahead. So I have been trying to think what I would like to accomplish this next year in each area of my life.

So my plan will include family goals for the year, homeschooling goals for the year, personal goals for the year and blog goals for the year. I may only start out with two or three for each area at the beginning of the year as I am new at planning for a year. I am sure there will be goals I will need to add as the year goes along since something always seems  to come up.

So my question for you,

Will you join me in making year-long goals and keep track of them? I am planning on giving an update each month on how I am doing on accomplishing my yearly goals as well as including weekly goals each week.

Look for my post with my goals for the year on Sunday or Monday.


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