Goals for the Week Of 2/27

What I was able to get done last week:


  • Keep up with my Blog Mentoring Class
  • Work on a few more posts for March
  • Continue reading Using WordPress (I got side tracked reading another book so hopefully I will get back to this book this week.


  • Get soil in garden turned-weather permitting (Still too wet)
  • Plan out our next 5 weeks meals with kids
  • Go through our seeds to see what needs to be purchased


  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water
  • Plan out my lunch menu better Did not do well at all with this goal but we managed to eat lunch each day anyway.
  • Eat less after dinnerI did much better on this goal this week 


This Weeks Goals


  • Continue with my Mentoring class assignments
  • Continue Reading Using WordPress
  • Start Skimming WordPress for Dummies
  • Turn over soil in garden if dry enough
  • Get kids outside to play for a while
  • Plant some flower seeds to transplant to flower beds



  • Continue drinking 6-8 glasses a water a day
  • Exercise 1 time this week
  • Continue limiting my eating after dinner

How did you do this week with your goals?


2 thoughts on “Goals for the Week Of 2/27”

    1. Erin,
      The Using WordPress seems to be very good. It has screen shots and step by step instructions on some items. There are also links in the book to view videos and audio file online. If you can get it from your library I think you might find it more useful than WordPress for Dummies. I have both right now and Using WordPress seems to be better. Although I have not had too much time to go through WordPress for Dummies yet, just flipped through it.

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