Goals For The Week Of 2/3

This week was busy, busy, busy. We were out of the house one day for most of the morning for a doctor’s appointment. That made for quite a long day with doing homeschooling in the afternoon which isn’t the best time for my kids. We do much better with getting the majority of the school day completed by noon and have much lighter subjects in the afternoon. Then on the next day we had family come from out-of-town and stay overnight. It was so nice to visit with them and relax in the morning but that also made another day of afternoon schooling. So we were all a little off this week. But it was all worth it.

I am looking forward to a quieter week this week and just getting back to our normal schedule. This weeks goals reflect the new month and new things I am taking on. One being the new series I am starting on Frugal Recipes and also my next room in my declutter goal, which is the kitchen. The kitchen will most likely be the hardest room for me to declutter. There are so many items I don’t use very often but when I do need them I feel I really need them. So it will be challenging for me to be objective about what I really need to keep and which items  are a just in case item. 🙂

What I was able to accomplish last week,

Post each weekday on my new series for February (details on Friday) I guess I was over excited about this goal as I just did the intro on Friday and it starts this week 🙂

Listen to our Bible CD’s at breakfast we are almost through Matthew We only missed two days

Continue to work my way up to 8 glasses of water a day, I am currently working on 6 a day this week Most days I drank 4-6 glasses so I am making progress

Read 2-3 chapters in How to Stick to a Diet I read 6 chapters just not in this book. I switched to a new one I will be doing a review on look for a review in a few weeks. 

Attend two webinars

Exercise each day and pick my two new fitness items to add for next month See my post about my new weight loss goals for this month here.

Select the recycled craft for next month Pick out one now to just find the time to complete it.

Read at least one book a day to my son Most day we read 3-5 books 🙂

Try one new recipe I made a new recipe and it was a big hit. I will be sharing it on Friday.

New Goals for This Week

Keep listening to book of Matthew each morning at breakfast

Continue my Bible study through Luke with the Good Morning Girls (Thanks Erin, for suggesting this)

Do my 10 Jumping Jacks and 10 Push Ups each day

Drink 6 glasses of water

Post a recipe each day for 4 weeks of Frugal Recipes

Continuing reading Fear Faith and a Fistful of Chocolates (my amazon referral link)

Start decluttering the kitchen.

Write a note of encouragement to someone

Take a CPR class with my friend

Take time to praise my kids each day for what they did that was wonderful. ( you can never praise too much)

Do a day in the life picture post this week and link up


What are your goals for this week? 


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