Goals for the Week of 2/6

Here is how I did on my goals for last week:



  • Plan my posts for March
  • Work on our New Washing Machine
  • Research a New Editor to use with WP(decided to just stay with the wordpress one for now)

Family: None of these got done due to our shopping for a washer and our cat getting sick

  • Find where to purchase our compost for garden and flower bed
  • Have kids help pick out our flowers for yard this spring
  • Plan out the garden with the kids



  • Continue Limiting eating after dinner I am doing better on this one
  • Drink 6 glasses of water a day 
  • Limit Sugar at Breakfast and Lunch
  • Exercise 2 times this week

Here are my goals for this week:



  • Do my assignments for my mentoring class
  • Get a Blog Roll Page set up on my Blog
  • Starting reading the book Using WordPress


  • Have the kids help with one meal this week
  • Price the cost of compost for our garden/yard
  • Make oatmeal packages


  • Eat less sugar this week
  • Drink More water at least 6 glasses a day
  • Exercise 2 times this week
I am hoping to get most of these goals done this week. Do you have any goals to share this week?


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  1. Your blog is looking good! I cannot figure out how to get the like button for Facebook on my page….then again, I did something wrong with my FB page, so that might be why! lol

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