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Goals for the Week of 3/12

Here is what I was able to get done last week:


  • Work on some new post for this month
  • Work on completing my 100 comments
  • Work on getting new social media buttons
  • Sign up for Mail Chimp so I can start a newsletter sign up( I will get to this item this week)


  • Finish turning over the last raised bed for the garden
  • Have kids help me plant our warm weather seeds to start
  • Call to get compost if it stays dry enough this week (it was finally dry but a little cold)



I am not going to set any personal goals this week as I want to work more on my blog. So I don’t want to overwhelm myself with things to do just to be disappointed at the end of the week. So I will just skip these this week.


This Weeks Goals:


  1. Work on some more post for this month
  2. Get Mail Chimp set up
  3. Move more posts onto google + account


  1. Get some compost ordered
  2. plant some lettuce and peas in our garden
  3. Start planning for next quarter in our homeschool


  1. Limit the eating at night
  2. Go to bed a little earlier


Well that is about it for around here. What goals do you have for this week?

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1 thought on “Goals for the Week of 3/12”

  1. Great job on your goals! I need to work on getting to bed earlier, too. I can’t say the baby makes me stay up late anymore because most days, she falls asleep, and I’ll stay awake for at least another hour or more.

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