Goals For The Week Of 3/19

This week went fairly well. It was our last week of the quarter for our homeschool. So we had a lighter week than normal. We had some snow on Tuesday which was nice to see as we really have not had much this winter.

Here is what was accomplished last week:


  1. Work on some more post for this month
  2. Get Mail Chimp set up
  3. Move more posts onto google + account


  1. Get some compost ordered( We determined we don’t need more compost after all)
  2. plant some lettuce and peas in our garden
  3. Start planning for next quarter in our homeschool


  1. Limit the eating at night( I did really well with this goal, I did my blogging at night while listening to the tv which kept me from eating.)
  2. Go to bed a little earlier

Goals for this next week:


  • Get Mail Chimp set up (finally)
  • Complete my post on the review of Money Saving Mom’s Audio Book
  • Start reading Teach Yourself Visually WordPress


  • Plant some peas in our garden
  • Plant some lettuce in the garden
  • Plan the next quarter of our homeschool schedule


  • Continue to limit eating at night
  • One day of exercise this week
  • Start learning how to use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (any good resources anyone?)

That is it for around here this week. How about you? Leave us a comment or a link in the comment to your goals post for the week.

4 thoughts on “Goals For The Week Of 3/19”

    1. I try not to eat when I am at the computer. I am too clumsy and might spill so I don’t eat by my computer. Blogging is helping me cut down on my evening eating.

  1. Hi Shelly!

    Good job on your goals! I’m planning on looking further into MailChimp, too. For Adobe Illustrator, you might try out Adobe Illustrator CS4 for Dummies? I’m not sure which version of Illustrator you have.

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. We just got the Adobe creative suite 5. My daughter loves to do art type things and likes using paint on her computer. So when I was able to get this program I thought I could learn it and she could too. I am hoping to make a new logo and header. Once I learn how to use it.

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