Goals for the week of 3/5

Here are the goals I accomplished last week:


  • Continue with my Mentoring class assignments
  • Continue Reading Using WordPress
  • Start Skimming WordPress for Dummies
  • Turn over soil in garden if dry enough
  • Get kids outside to play for a while
  • Plant some flower seeds to transplant to flower beds



  • Continue drinking 6-8 glasses a water a day
  • Exercise 1 time this week
  • Continue limiting my eating after dinner

Well that is all I got done this week. I worked on my post and commenting for 100 comment event with Blogelina.  So some things did not get done but that is ok I will try to tackle them this week.

This Weeks Goals


  • Work on some new post for this month
  • Work on completing my 100 comments
  • Work on getting new social media buttons
  • Sign up for Chimp mail so I can start a newsletter sign up


  • Finish turning over the last raised bed for the garden
  • Have kids help me plant our warm weather seeds to start
  • Call to get compost if it stays dry enough this week



I am not going to set any personal goals this week as I want to work more on my blog. So I don’t want to overwhelm myself with things to do just to be disappointed at the end of the week. So I will just skip these this week.


What are your goals this week? If you want to leave a link to your weekly goals in the comments please do.


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