Goals for the Week of 4/28

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This week was a great week at our house. I was able to get my cleaning in for the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge. We made good progress through our Bible reading, well actually listening to the CD’s. I was able to spend some time doing some of the things I love to do. How can you complain about a week like that?

I didn’t get to all the items on my list of goals so I will just transfer them on to this upcoming week. But I did get to work on my design transfer to my new theme. It is coming along better than I thought it would. I wasn’t sure how well I would do with a new framework/theme as there is a big learning curve at first but I am pleased with the progress. A few times I thought I should have just had my friend Sandra do it as she is a blog designer, but by doing it myself I am stretching and learning new things which is good for me. But if you have a blog and want a new design please check out my friend Sandra’s services she does a wonderful job.

Here’s what I was able to accomplish this past week,

Continue Bible time at breakfast (We are half way through Acts now)

Divide up the vegetables starts into their own pots (The kids helped me with this project)

Try a new recipe (my Pinterest Recipes to Try board is really filling up)

Plant more seeds in the garden

Write a note to encouragement (I made a phone call does that count?)

Continue my exercising 5 days a week

Continue regular story time with my son (we read book about 3 out of the 7 days this past week)

Continue with the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge and blog about it

Work on theme transfer items for the blog

This Week’s Goals

Continue with Bible CD’s at Breakfast

Continue regular story time with my son

Continue with the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge and blog about it (I finish up the challenge this week)

Try a new recipe

Continue working on the blog design transfer

Plant more seeds in the garden

Continue my exercising 5 days a week and add more repetitions

Attend a webinar

Make a blogging plan for this next month

That’s my big plans for this week. What are your goals for this week? Anything exciting?


2 thoughts on “Goals for the Week of 4/28”

    1. Thanks Erin, I have so much to learn about the technical side of blogging. But I do love working on the design and making the changes even if it does take me twice as long to get it done. 🙂

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