Goals for the Week of 5/14

Here is what I got done last week.


1. Take time to make one call to someone I have been thinking of to check on them (I sent a text message  does that count?)
2. Pray while I am washing dishes for those who come to mind
3. Exercise once this week (I did do some gardening so I am going to count this)
4. Drink 6 glasses of water each day


5. Get the kids outside to play and garden once this week (We did this a few times this week because the weather has been very nice)
6. Have the kids help with the freezer cooking this week
7. Write my husband a note for his lunch
8. Play a game once this week with the kids


9. Continue to follow along with the 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer
10. Write two more post for this up coming month ( I did not get to this with all my freezer cooking)

Here are my 10 goals for this week.


1. Pray while I am folding clothes this week to who comes to mind
2. Write a note and send it in the mail to a friend
3. Continue drinking my 6 glasses of water a day
4. Exercise once this week again even if it is only getting out to garden


5. Finish up our homeschool science for this year
6. Plant our seedling from our garden greenhouse
7. Have kids help with making dinner once this week


8. Make a banner for my husband new website
9. Continue with the freezer cooking series posts
10. Make a few new graphics to use on posts

What are your goals for this week?


4 thoughts on “Goals for the Week of 5/14”

  1. I agree Shell! I love checking out all your projects and recipes 🙂

    I’m curious…how did you learn to make your own graphics? Is there a blog site that has an article on it? I’d love to learn how to do it for myself!

    1. Erin, I got a great deal on Adobe Creative Suite a while back. If you don’t have photoshop you can use a free program called gimp. It works similar to photoshop(well that is what I have read). Once you have a program like photoshop you can find lots of You Tube Videos. That is how I learned to make my blog button and header. I also designed my twitter background by searching for info on You Tube. I learned how to use Ipiccy.com from Blogging with Amy. That is how I have made my collages for the freezer posts.
      My husband wanted chrome letters for his header with a blue background so I did a search and found a few tutorials. I got the header made from him. I would like to make a new goals graphic but I still don’t quite know what I will use yet. If you get a program and need any help let me know.

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