Goals for the Week of 5/28

This week is our first week off my our formal home school for the year. So now I need to start planning our summer home school since I did not get to it last week. I am hoping with my freezer cooking session wrapping up from 4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer and our home school done we can get a few other things done each day.

Here is what I got accomplished this past week.


1. Finish the last few lessons left for home school (We are done)
2. Start planning our home school for this summer (I did not have time)
3. Transplant peppers to garden if big enough, plant more lettuce, plant bush beans ( Just too much rain maybe this week)
4. Have kids write down what they want to do this summer (no, did not get it done)


5. Exercise one day a this week (I  played with the kids)
6. Pray during meal prep times for those who come to mind
7. Write a note to a friend and mail (sent an e-mail)
8. Continue drinking 6 glasses of water


9. Work on graphics (maybe this week)
10. Follow along with the last week of Money Saving Mom’s Freezer cooking and post about it


My 10 Goals for This Week


1. Get a plan set up for summer studies
2. Transplant peppers weather permitting
3.Have the kids write down some things they want to do this summer
4.Pick out some read-a-loud books for the summer


5. Pray during folding of clothes this week for who comes to mind
6. Write a note of encouragement to someone
7.Drink 7 glasses of water a day
8. Make a summer cleaning schedule to take on some of the home maintenance that needs to be done


9. Work on graphics
10. Post on the blog once a day

Those are my goals for this week. How does you week look?


2 thoughts on “Goals for the Week of 5/28”

    1. I have not been able to work on any yet. I would like to have a new goal graphic but I am not sure what I really want to use. I also would like to get something to use for my garden updates. None of them will be fancy as I am trying to learn how to use my photoshop and adobe illustrator.

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