Goals for this Week

We are all feeling a little better except for the nagging cough and I have lost my voice now, well at least it comes and goes. I am just so happy we are all feeling a little better. I was able to get our Christmas tree up this week along with getting some cookie dough into the freezer for my Christmas plates I make up to give to the neighbors. So we are now getting into the holiday spirit around here.

I was able to get a little over half of my goals done this week so I am happy. I haven’t made my goals too challenging this week either so maybe I can get them all done. 🙂

What I was able to accomplish this past week,


1. Bible time with the kids
2. Play a game with the kids
3. Start making freezer cookies for Christmas ( we made 4 different kinds of dough that will make 33 dozen cookies)
4. Take time each day just  to relax


5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
6. Exercise 1 time if I am feeling better
7. Make a to do list each day (I made it all week with a to do list each day)


8. Set some goals for next year (didn’t get to this but will work on it next week)
9. Make a new blog planner binder 
10. Cleaning posts for 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home..Simplified (finished!)

Goals for this Week


1. Play a game with the kids this week
2. Continue Bible time in the morning with kids
3. Continue gentle correction with my son
4. Make my plan for the Christmas candy we will be making


5. Exercise one time this week.
6. Pray while doing my household chores
7. Finish my crochet project


8. Set some goals for my blog for next year
9. Change my Ad Rotate plugin
10. Update a plugin

What are your plans for the week?


2 thoughts on “Goals for this Week”

  1. I am glad that your family has finally gotten over your colds! It’s no fun to be sick 🙁

    You sure do have some lucky neighbors…it would be so nice to get a big tray of those yummy-looking cookies from you!

    I need to get some goals made for next year for my blog…I’ve really just been blogging as I go, and it’s a bit stressful not knowing what to post.

    1. If I don’t plan a little I don’t do as well, so I thought I would start early in thinking of my goals for this next year.

      I am hoping to be able to do most of our candy this week then finish out the cookies late next week and deliver them by the weekend. My neighbors all seem to enjoy the plates each year. My sister even called to put in an order for extra raspberry creams. 🙂

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