Goals for This Week

This past week went by really fast. That always seems to happen when I have a lot to get done. This week we will be on Christmas break in our homeschool so that will free us up for some extra time to make our Christmas candy and cookies. I want to finish up my baking this week so I can get the candy/cookie plates out to our neighbors and family by this weekend.

What I was able to accomplish this past week,


1. Play a game with the kids this week
2. Continue Bible time in the morning with kids ( I was still having trouble with my voice so I had to limit our read aloud time)
3. Continue gentle correction with my son 
4. Make my plan for the Christmas candy we will be making (we got started on quite a few items this week)


5. Exercise one time this week. (didn’t even get to it)
6. Pray while doing my household chores
7. Finish my crochet project (I was able to complete this project and get it all wrapped up)


8. Set some goals for my blog for next year ( I have a few written down, at least it is progress)
9. Change my Ad Rotate plug in
10. Update a plugin

Goals for this Week


1. Have the kids help with making cookies
2. Have kids help with making candy
3. Continue working on gentle correction with my son
4. Do a fun project with the kids

5. Exercise one time this week (if I keep adding it I might get it done)
6. Drink extra water this week again
7. Make a recycled craft this week


8. Get post done for this week and next week
9. Attend a twitter party
10. Start working on a post to submit as a guest post


What does your week look like? Are you ready for Christmas?


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