Goals for This Week, August 2nd

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My goals for this week and how last week went too.


This week the kids and myself did two craft projects that we will be sharing soon. It’s always good to do some fun projects in the summer, don’t you think?

I also started my plan for our homeschool for the first semester. I already have most of the books we need. I think I just need to pick up a math workbook for my son, and a test prep book. This year he will need to take his first standardized test since he started homeschooling.

We baked a cake this week. I’m glad I got that done early in the week, because by mid week we were back near a 100 degrees. We are supposed to drop back down in the 80’s of this week which will be a welcomed relief from the heat. With the cooler weather, I hope to be able to can a bunch of dill pickles. We are out of our homemade dill pickles and that’s one canning project I need to get done.

How did you do on your goals this past week? 

Last Week’s Goals


Do two pages with my son in his reading workbook each day

Bake a cake


Work on a restarting the new rug

Exercise 5 times this week

Plan for our next semester for our homeschool, I can’t believe we need to start in just a month (I started planning but it will take a few weeks to complete)


Write 3 posts

Work on assignments for an online class I’m taking.

Goals for this Week


Do two pages with my son in his reading workbook each day

Swim at least twice this week

Shop for clothes for the kids at the back to school sales


Work on a restarting the new rug

Exercise 5 times this week

Can dill pickles


Write 3 posts

Work on assignments for an online class I’m taking

Update a few pages on a friends website

What’s your goals for this week? 


4 thoughts on “Goals for This Week, August 2nd”

  1. Great job on your goals this week! We are also going to have hot weather this week until Thursday or Friday when it will cool down to 82…I can’t wait!

    Our kids have 3 weeks left of summer vacation, so I’m starting to feel anxious about getting everything done before school starts. I bought some school supplies yesterday (not all of them, because I’m waiting for some things to go on sale), and we’re planning to go clothes shopping this week. I also want to try to finish up our summer learning workbooks.

    Have a great week!

    1. Erin, I hope the weather cools off for you too. We are enjoying 70 degree weather with clouds. It’s so nice after all the heat. But we are suppose to warm up again, but I’m hoping not to 100.

      I just did a little clothing shopping at the Children’s Place online. They are having a sale on jeans and shirts, plus they have free shipping this month.

      My son really likes the pants I’ve purchased for him there in the past and I also found a sweater that zips up which I couldn’t find locally. I used a coupon code to save about 20% on top of the sale. I really love it when I can find a good deal on things the kids need. I hope you can find some good deals too Erin.

  2. You did a great job on your goals last week, Shelly! We’re getting ready to start school this month, too. The date is on the calendar! 😉

    I’m planning on heading to the store to shop for school supplies in the very near future, maybe even today. Thankfully, we don’t need a lot of new supplies, so I’m hoping to stay under $25 or so.

    I hope you and your family have a great week!

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