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Goals for This Week, August 4th

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What to Cook for Dinner?

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This week did not go as planned at all. Well, most of it didn’t. I did get in my exercising and reading but other things came up that I ended up working on. We have a few home improvement projects we want to get done. The outdoor ones need to be finished soon. So we started two of them this week. These projects weren’t really in my plan for the week but since the weather was cooler it was definitely the right time to tackle them.

I also had a friend of mine call to let me know she had some green beans for our family, a huge box of them. So instead of checking on cucumbers and peaches at the farm stand, I was happy to received the green beans and spent a day canning 21 jars of green beans. How could I turn down home-grown green beans? Here’s how I did on my  goals.


Here’s the things I accomplished this past week,

Attend a Google+ Hangout

Exercise 5 times this week

Drink 8 glasses of water ( I was only able to fit in about 5 glasses a day)

Start decluttering my son’s room (didn’t even get to his room this week)

Work on guest post

Read to my son 3 times this week (twice this week)

Read one chapter in each book, PlatformBetter Than a BoxSimple Blogging (affiliate links)

Canning peaches or pickles if they are ready for purchase at the farm stand (my friend called with a box of fresh green beans so I canned 21 jars of green beans instead. I can’t turn down free food)

Goals for this Week

Work on guest post

Read one chapter in each book, PlatformBetter Than a BoxSimple Blogging (affiliate links)

Exercise 5 days this week

Drink 8 glasses of water

Order the remaining books for our homeschooling this year

Work on our home improvement projects, we are building a new fence area and finishing up cleaning and re-sealing the deck


How did you do on your goals last week?


1 thought on “Goals for This Week, August 4th”

  1. Hi Shelly, I understand that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Today definitely didn’t turn out how I thought it would. I’ll share more about that later.

    Way to go on canning 21 jars of green beans. That is amazing! 🙂

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