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Goals for November 10th

My goals for this week

I finished reading two books on my list, Simple Blogging and How to Blog for Profit (affiliate links). I am still working on  Better Than a Box and Platform (affiliate links) but I’m making good progress on both. I really need to read more than one chapter a week. 🙂

I did well on my exercising but I did terrible on drinking water. I am hoping to do much better this week. I look at my scarf project a couple of times but didn’t pick it up to work on it. I also only watched one photography class instead of two. But at least I made some progress.

Here’s the things I accomplished this past week,

Read to my son each day

Plan the next 5 weeks of menus and make shopping list

Read/Watch two lessons of the online photography class

Work on scarf I’m knitting

Drink more water 7 glasses a day

Exercise 5 day this week

Read one chapter in each book, PlatformBetter Than a BoxSimple Blogging (affiliate links)

Goals for this Week

Read to my son each day

Help my daughter with her sewing projects as needed

Write a note to my husband

Drink 6 glasses of water a day

Exercise 5 times a week

Work on the scarf I am knitting

Work on my ebook

Read one chapter in each book, Platform and Better Than a Box (affiliate links)


What are your goals for this week?


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