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Goals for the Week, April 6th

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What to Cook for Dinner?

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It was another good week for me to get some goals done. My daughter is making good progress on a new sewing project she is working on, along with making herself some new slippers. She loves to create things.

I had hoped to get some reading in this week along with watching a video for my photography class, but I just didn’t get to them. I started a new SEO class. I’m hoping to keep up with the assignments for this week. I also started to reduce my sugar last week. Just two days, but it was still a challenge. I have such a bad sweet tooth.


Here’s the things I was able to accomplished this past week,


Read to my son each day

Help my daughter with her sewing project

Help my husband with tasks around the house


Exercise 5 times this week

Drink 6 glasses of water each day

Read a chapter in Platform (affiliate link)


Watch one video photography class

Write three posts

Goals for this Week


Read to my son each day

Help my daughter with her sewing project

Finish my crochet project I’m working on for my son

Transplant some of the seedlings that have sprouted into bigger pots.


Exercise 5 times this week

Drink 6 glasses of water each day

Reduce my sugar intake on 2 days a week


Complete my classes for the SEO Challenge

Write three posts

What’s your goals for this week? 


4 thoughts on “Goals for the Week, April 6th”

  1. Tanya M @ Mom's Small Victories

    Seo challenge sounds like a good idea. Do you have a link for it or something you are doing on your own?

    Great job with your goals. I love how creative your daughter is. I can’t sew much butone pf those things I wish I could do.

    I need to get my april goals written up this week and my March accomplishments.

    1. Tanya, the SEO challenge is a challenge from Blogging Concentrated. The sign up looks to be closed for this round but if you use the link you can go over and sign up for the free calls that Dan does and get on the mailing list so you can know when the next class will start. This is my second time going through the course and I’m picking up things I missed the first time through. 🙂

  2. Another week of great goals! I haven’t been tracking my water but I have been drinking more this week. I need to cut back on sugar too – it’s SOOO hard though. . . My goals are to order supplies for lip balm and room sprays, craft some earrings, do my little exercise challenge each day, and hopefully read at least some.

    1. Way to go Deanna at getting more water in. Sounds like you will be making some great items. My daughter makes her own lip gloss and I’ve made our soap before, but I’ve never made room sprays before. Will you be sharing your recipes?

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