Goals for this Week, December 8th

This week I didn’t do too bad on my goals, in fact I’m a little excited about what I was able to get done. My daughter and myself made some peanut butter and gingersnap cookie dough rolls for the freezer. We would have made more but we were running low on flour. I also made my plan for my Christmas baking and did my shopping. I was getting a little stressed with being a little behind this year but I’m feeling better about it now.

I also joined in the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge and have been blogging about it this past week and will continue this week. I am working on my ebook and it’s almost done. As far as my reading goes, I read a couple of chapters in the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode but I didn’t get to the other two. There’s always this week, right?!


Here’s the things I accomplished this past week,

Read to my son each day

Help my daughter with her craft projects as needed

Mix up some cookie dough for the freezer

Make a shopping list for the Christmas candy supplies

Work on my ebook

Write three posts

Read one chapter in each book, Platform and Better Than a Box (affiliate links) and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

Goals for this Week

Continue Advent Activities with the kids this week

Finish our first semester of Homeschool and figure out grades

Make some more cookie dough for the freezer

Continue with the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge

Work on my ebook

Finish my crochet project

Wrap Christmas presents

Read one chapter in each book, Platform and Better Than a Box (affiliate links) and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

What’s your goals for this week?


9 thoughts on “Goals for this Week, December 8th”

  1. It’s so nice to have some cookies on hand in the freezer! I didn’t get to any of my reading last week…my kids were up so early each day, I didn’t have any quiet time to sit and read. Hopefully it will be better this week.

    Have a great week Shelly!

  2. Great idea to freeze the cookie dough balls. I made caramel corn (for us) and fudge for my husband’s work party but I want to make a few others. Love Christmas goodies. I haven’t read Platform or Katie’s book but isn’t Crystal’s fabulous?! I finished it and can’t wait to get the hard copy in January and read it again.

    1. It makes baking lots of cookies to give away so much easier. I bake about 20 dozen cookies in a day for our Christmas plates. So having the dough made ahead makes the process go so much faster. 🙂

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