Goals for this Week, February 2nd

We started out this week with lots of wind and sun, then came the rain. But I shouldn’t complain, we had a nice stretch of dry sunny, albeit cold weather. I’m sure some of you are dealing with lots of snow and ice.

This week I was able to accomplished some of my goals. My daughter finished up her sewing project. She made a cute stuffed animal from a kit she had. It turned out really nice. I was able to get all my water consumption in but I missed one day of exercising.

I didn’t get to start a new knitting project for myself but I did help my daughter start a new crochet project. She is making a blanket with crocheted motifs. She really likes to create things.

Here’s the things I accomplished this past week,


Make a chore list for the kids

Start a new knitting project ( I helped my daughter get started on a new crochet project, does that count?)

Read to my son

Help my daughter with a sewing project


Drink more water, 5 glasses a day

Exercise 5 times this week (I got 4 times in this week)

Read one chapter in each book, Platform and Better Than a Box (affiliate links)


Write three posts this week and one guest post

Watch one lesson for my online photography class

Attend a webinar

Goals for this Week


Make a chore chart for the kids

Read to my son 5 times this week

Help my daughter as needed with her crochet project


Exercise 5 times this week

Drink 5 glasses of water

Pick out a knitting project to start

Read one chapter in Platform (affiliate links)


Write 4 posts

Write a guest post

Attend a webinar

What’s your goals for this week? Did you make some good progress this week?


2 thoughts on “Goals for this Week, February 2nd”

  1. It looks like you made good progress on your goals last week. What do you think of the book, Platform? I know a lot of people made changes to the way they did things online after they read that book. I’m just wondering if many of the things in that book are relevant to bloggers today.

    1. I really like it. It’s taking me forever to get through it because I’m taking so many notes so I can implement the ideas. Michael Hyatt shares ideas of how to make blog posts better, where to come up with new ideas, how to do a video interview, and that’s just what I can remember right now. I have learned quite a bit from the book, so I think it’s relevant.

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