Goals for this Week, February 8th

My goals for this week and how last week went too.

I’m happy to say that this past week we were able to get seeds planted to start indoors and I have a general plan for our garden. None of this happened until Saturday afternoon, talk about waiting until the last minute, but it’s done.

I wasn’t able to make an older recipe to update the photos this week, but I’m hoping to get to that this upcoming week. I’ll just bump it on over. I was good about getting to bed on time. I was  a little late at shutting off my tablet, since I did check an answer some email after hopping into bed, but I was in bed on time.

I was short on getting all of my water drinking in. I started my day a few too many times with hot chocolate, instead of water and it just didn’t set a good tone, for getting all my water in this past week. I’ll be changing that this week though.

I did work on my sidebars this past week. If you go over to my gardening category you can check out the newest one I completed. Let me know what you think.

Here’s the things I was able to accomplished this past week,


Plan our garden for this year

Plant a few seeds to start for the garden


Drink 6 glasses of water a day

Exercise 5 times this week

Get to bed by 10:30 each night


Write 3 posts

Take photos to update a one older post

Work on custom sidebars


Goals for this Week


Make a new recipe with the kids

Help my daughter with the doll she is making

Read aloud to my son 3 times this week


Drink 6 glasses of water a day

Exercise 5 times this week

Get to bed by 10:30 each night


Write 3 posts

Work on a guest post

Take photos to update one older post

What’s your goals for this week?


6 thoughts on “Goals for this Week, February 8th”

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Sandra. My daughter is making the dolls to be able to donate to the local hospital for the kids who are going in for treatment. I know each time my kids have been hospitalized they have received a doll or toy of some kind and it was really nice. She is really doing a great job and is really enjoying making them.

  1. I’m so glad that you were able to meet many of your goals this week! I did pretty well on mine, although with my kids being sick so much lately, I haven’t been able to get many things done. Plus, it always seems to take longer to do things than I anticipate them to 🙂

    Have a great week!

  2. I love seeing this post today, my husband and I sat down just last night to write down our long term goals for our marriage, family, and ourselves. We never did this before, and it really helps to see them written out. Not only does it help us keep the big picture in mind, but it got us discussing what we want to do in our lives together, and personally. Tonight (we were up until almost 12 last night working on this so we had to put the next set off until now) we are going to put up a cork board int he kitchen so we can place our goals for everyone to see. We still have work to do, as we take out big goals and focus in on what we can do this year to get there, but this is the first step in what will help us take our dreams from our hearts and into reality. I am a new found lover of goals, and really like how you share yours with us. Thank you for this.

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