Goals for this Week, May 4th

This week went by so much more smoothly than the last few weeks. Which I am so glad for that. I felt like we were back to a more normal way of life. I was hoping to get some gardening done this week but it suddenly became hot here. It went from in the 60’s to the 80’s in one day. With lots of wind. What a shock!

I’m hoping my peas do all right, they don’t like hot weather at all. I also decided to hold off planting until this week. There was no sense in trying to keep the ground damp with the hot weather and drying winds. I did see some shoots on our bamboo plants so that was encouraging. I thought we had lost them in the ice storm this year, but it appears that a few shoots have survived.

Our Bamboo Survived


Here’s the things I was able to accomplished this past week,


Read to my son each day

Plant more seeds in the garden (it was so hot this week, I decided to hold off until next week)


Read a chapter of the book, Platform (affiliate link) I ended up reading a whole ebook on media kits, I will eventually get this book read.

Drink 6 glasses of water each day

Reduce my sugar intake on 2 days a week


Complete my classes for the SEO Challenge (I’m almost done just a couple more videos to watch)

Complete two photography classes

Write three posts

Goals for this Week


Play some games with the kids this week

Plant more seeds in the garden

Help my daughter with her new sewing project

 Read to my son each day


Read a chapter of the book, Platform (affiliate link)

Drink 6 glasses of water a day

Exercise 5 times this week

Get to bed by 10:30 each night


Finish the SEO challenge class

Write 3 blog posts

What’s your goals for this week? 

4 thoughts on “Goals for this Week, May 4th”

  1. We sometimes get huge changes in temperature just like you experienced last week. Ever since I moved to the East Coast, I’ve noticed that we go from freezing to burning up overnight every spring…we only seem to get a few days of nice cool weather. I hope it cools down for you in the next few days.

    Good luck on your goals for this week!

    1. This spring and last spring have been hard on my garden. We have had a few days here and there that were more like mid summer and then back down into the 50-60’s. This week so far has been more normal for us in the 60’s and raining. 🙂

    1. We have the bamboo in pots to have something pretty and green against our fence and to gain a little more privacy to our backyard. I thought we had lost them all in the winter ice storms we had but I’m so happy we have a few shoots that are coming back. Since replacing them would be really costly.

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