Goals for This Week, September 8th

This week was a busy week, but the first full week back to homeschooling always is around our house. I tend to think I can get more done in one day than I can so it makes for tiring days. Does that happen to you too?

My son did really well with getting back into the school routine, which I wasn’t sure was going to happen so easily for my wiggly on the move boy. My daughter just falls right back into the routine each year but she has had more practice than her brother at it.

I kept up with my exercising this week getting some time in each day. I did manage to drink more water but still not 6 glasses each day but I am making progress. Keeping other items to drink out of the house really helps because if you are thirsty and all there is, is water, I’m more apt to drink it. 🙂

I really wanted to get some pickles canned. I usually can bread and butter pickles and dill pickles each year. But I just didn’t make it out this week to pick the cucumbers up at the farmers market. Maybe I’ll get to canning some this week.

I did receive some plums from my aunt, about 150 of them so I dried most of them. I discovered my dehydrator can hold about 100 of them at one time.They dried really nicely and taste really yummy.

I also made some pear jam too this week. So I did get some canning in just not what I had planned.

Jam ready for the canner

I also started reading a new book. I know, I know I must have ADD when it comes to reading books. I find I really get more reading done when I work on more than one book at a time. I am half way through all 4 books I’m reading now.

Here’s the things I accomplished this past week,

Start our full homeschooling schedule

Exercise 5 times this week

Drink more water, try for 6 glasses a day

Work on my lesson for the week in my ebook class

Can some pickles

Read one chapter in each book, PlatformBetter Than a BoxSimple Blogging (affiliate links)


Goals for this Week

Can some pickles

Continue my ebook class assignment each week

Write 4 posts this week

Exercise 5 times this week

Drink more water each day

Read one chapter in each book, PlatformBetter Than a BoxSimple Blogging (affiliate links)


What  goals did you set for this week?


3 thoughts on “Goals for This Week, September 8th”

  1. I love bread and butter pickles! My mom always canned them when we were growing up. Now she pretty much sticks to salsa, tomatoes, and green beans. Maybe I should just learn to do it myself.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    1. Thanks Shana. Maybe you could talk your mom into helping you make a batch or two of the bread and butter pickles. I know I used to help my mom make pickles. My family doesn’t like the store bought ones since they are used to the homemade pickles. 🙂

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