One Word for the Year…Persist {Update}

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Update on my One Word for this year, Persist

I have been amazed at how I have been challenged to really persist and keep going on so many projects since I picked this word. My one word for the year is Persist, I knew with my goal of losing weight this year I would definitely need to be persistent to reach my goal. But what I didn’t expect is by keeping my word, persist, in front of me each day it would help in so many other avenues of my life.

I guess I just never realized at the time, that on certain tasks I will give up quickly, almost too quickly. Such as trying to lose weight. I would work very hard for a month or so then I would have a day of overeating or a week and just throw in the towel. But since I picked persist as my word I haven’t allowed myself to give up. Although my eating has not been all that good this month and my exercising has been fair, I have not once felt like giving up. But I have greeted each new day with a new chance to succeed. Which is a big difference in my attitude.

I also noticed in my quest to declutter my home I breezed through the living room and I have been able to maintain that¬†decluttered state. But then when I started the kitchen, the fear of it being an overwhelming task almost stopped me in my tracks. To tell you the truth if I hadn’t been blogging about decluttering I would not have even proceeded with the kitchen at all. But I persisted through the notion that the kitchen decluttering was going to be awful and guess what? The kitchen has not been nearly as bad as I imagined.

So already this year my attitude has really changed from just one word, Persist. Did you pick a word for this year? If you haven’t it is not too late to start just pick your word and see what change it can have over you.

If you picked a word for the year how have you see it affect you so far?


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1 thought on “One Word for the Year…Persist {Update}”

  1. Hi Shelly! It sounds like you are doing a great job in persisting. I’m happy to hear that you are pressing on in the challenge to lose weight and declutter your home. Both of those things are things that we can easily get overwhelmed by and just give up.

    Good for you for persisting! I’m doing okay with my one word, Productive. As I remember it, I say it to myself and check myself to see if what I’m actually doing in that moment is productive.

    I’m looking forward to continuing to focus on my one word throughout this entire year. I’m glad we can encourage each other!

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