DIY Deck Cleaning and Resealing, Revisited

We have this wonderful beautiful exotic hardwood deck in the front of our house. It’s a great deck and when it is clean and sealed, it is just stunning. But the only problem is we live where it rains a lot. So we only have a very small window of time to get this job done between rainy seasons. This year the deck cleaning and sealing fell to me to do.

DIY Deck Cleaning

Last year my husband gave me a hand with this project. I did the cleaning, he did the pressure washing and we both worked together to apply the sealer. I really thought since it had only been a year since we did this job. The job would be much easier and I could take it on myself. I was wrong.

Here’s a photo to show how bad it was last year before I cleaned the deck,

Last Year Deck Photo Before


Now this is how it looked this year, gray and dull but not as bad.

Up Close Deck Before Photo

Before cleaning of the Deck


Deck Before Cleaning

The cleaning took about 3-4 hours again. There is just something about our moist weather that just lets that black yucky muck get right down into the wood. Even though we sealed the wood last year it doesn’t quite last a year and so during our rainy spring there is just not much protection left.

So I started out by using the Sun Frog Crystals and they really do the trick to get the muck off the wood. Then I followed up with a good power washing and the deck was looking oh so much better. Even though it is a bunch of work, when I look at how beautiful the wood is after I have it cleaned, I know it is really worth it.

Up close photo of the deck after cleaning

After cleaning full deck picture

Once it dried a few days, I was ready to put the Rosewood Oil on but then you won’t believe it, during the week, ย it rained. So I waited a few more days and then I was able to apply the Rosewood Oil. Restoring the color and giving the deck as much protection as we can for the year. It’s just really hard to get the oil to really penetrate the wood. Maybe that is why it’s called hardwood. ๐Ÿ™‚

After Sealing was done

Most of the deck resealed

Full Picture of the Deck Resealed


Now that is a really pretty deck, such a big improvement. This project just cost $50 and my time. So now we are set for another year and one more home improvement project is done. ๐Ÿ™‚


What do it yourself project have you tackled lately?



3 thoughts on “DIY Deck Cleaning and Resealing, Revisited”

    1. Thanks Erin. We just love the look of the deck when we have it newly cleaned and sealed. I just wish it lasted a little longer than a year. I know you recently had your deck cleaned and sealed. How is it holding up?

  1. Really looking good now! Thanks for these tips I have an old deck and I really like to get back the original tone of the wood back. I know some people prefer to just get it stained but I like the more natural look.

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