DIY Spring Project Plan

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DIY Spring Project Plan #SpringIntoSavings

There are some projects that just tend to get put off. Either because of the weather or because other tasks get in the way. We have two projects we would like to get done, soon. One is outside and one is inside the home.

Our First Project, the Lawn

Since we have lived in our home, we have struggled with a patch of lawn in our back yard. It’s in the shade for most of the day. This little patch of lawn is in the shadow of our huge trees and it just doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Lawn Needs to Be Replaced

About a month and a half ago, we had some nice dry weather and we borrowed our neighbors huge rototiller to turn the soil over.¬†Well, as luck would have it or maybe it’s because we live in the rainy part of Oregon, the rain came. For the month of March we ended up with twice as much rain as we usually do. So the soil we turned over became a mud pit. But there wasn’t much we could do.

Fast forward to this month and the soggy ground is drying out. So we felt it was time to start checking into getting some sod. We decided against grass seed, since the birds would more than likely eat it all and so sod it is. We talked to our neighbor and he had purchased some sod from Home Depot that he was happy with. So we made a trip to check it out.

Now our son loves to go to Home Depot. I’m not sure if it’s the size of the store or the wide assortment of things to look at, but he loves to look around at everything. Our trip was focused on two things, find the sod and see if they carry a variety that will grow in the shade and look at bathroom items.

Part Shade Sod from Home Depot

We found the sod and we were really pleased that they had a variety of grass that will grow in the shade. So as soon as we turn over the soil again, we should be set to get our lawn in. I can’t wait until I can look out the sliding glass door at a nice patch of lawn instead of a muddy area. It will be so nice. Hopefully the weather won’t deter us again.

Sale on Gardening Gloves

As we were walking over to the bathroom items, I saw some sale items on an end cap. These cute little gardening gloves caught my eye. My current gloves have holes worn though almost all of the finger tips. Don’t you think these would be a great Mother’s Day gift for a gardener?

Our Second Project, The Bathroom

Our bathroom isn’t bad at all but there is a little updating that needs to be done. We would like to get a low flow toilet, to save on our water bill. Then there is the shower to address and the countertop on the vanity.

Currently, the tile doesn’t go up high enough in the tub/shower. We were thinking of adding more tile but my husband thought a surround might be better and easier to clean. We also looked at the tubs, since our is old and either needs to be refinished or replaced. I think its original to the house from the sixties. At least it’s white in color and not avocado green.

We really need to do something with our bathroom countertop. #SpringIntoSavings

Our bathroom vanity is great. It’s made of oak and still is functioning well. I either need to refinish the wood or paint it but other than that, it’s good to stay. The countertop is in very good shape. The only problem is it’s orange in color. ūüôĀ Yes orange or maybe I should say peach?

DIY Granite Countertops

But I think we have found a solution to our problem. These nice granite tiles are made for do it yourself granite countertops. My husband and myself both agreed we liked the beige with black mixed in. I like that the tiles are made to be cut so you have a backsplash, a countertop and edging too. This is definitely something my husband and myself could do.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Spring Project Plan”

  1. We also have a big bare spot of dirt in the middle of our front lawn, due to a big tree and it’s shade. We tried seed, but it didn’t sprout, so we might need to get some sod too.

    Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway!

  2. Tanya M @ Mom's Small Victories

    Great projects. Our front lawn is always a battle with a large tree and on an incline, seed will just not grow in some spots. The bathroom project will look so nice. It is still my goal to get granite countertops in the kitchen.

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