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Backyard Gardening…Garden Update

I thought I would update my garden progress this year. I did our first harvest of the year. We picked some rhubarb out of the garden. The rhubarb has been growing quite well this year.

Our berries are a little slower this year but we do have some small green strawberries. I am hoping in a week or two we might have some fresh strawberries out of our yard.

We have some very small raspberries on our plants also. The bees sure love the strawberry and the raspberry flowers.

We have two small blueberry plants. We have had them for two years now and they are slowly growing. I think we picked the wrong variety to grow. They just are not thriving like I think they should. There must be something we are missing in the soil or need to do to encourage more growth. I will have to do some research to see if there is something I need to do to help these blueberries thrive.

Our veggies are coming along slowly this year. My peas are about waist-high now. Usually at this time of year we would be harvesting and eating sugar snap peas. I am hoping for some peas soon.


I still have our cucumbers, tomatoes and pepper plants under cover. It has been too wet and rainy to uncover them. But they are growing fairly well under the cover as you can see.

Most of our flowers this year wintered over from last year. Which is great I only had to buy some Impatiens this year. Here are a few photos of our flowers.

We still need to get some compost for around the flowers and vegetables. Maybe I can get to that task this weekend. I am hoping our weather will be a little drier and get warm enough to encourage our plants to grow. How are your plants growing this year?


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