Backyard Gardening: Transplanting Seedlings

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Backyard Gardening: Transplanting Seedlings

My little seedlings that were started a while ago have really grown up. So much so that some of the plants were touching the top of the cold frame. So I decided it was time to get some of them into the garden. So I picked to transplant the cucumbers, the cherry tomatoes and the artichoke plants.

Seedlings all grown up

Most of my containers had lots of hairy roots coming out the bottom of the containers. So maybe I waited just a little too long before transplanting them.

Wind Kept Knocking the Cucumbers over

I also picked a really windy day to do the transplanting. I probably should have picked a little less windy day to do the transplanting. That is why the plants are all knocked over in the above picture.

I grow my cucumbers upright and so I put up the frame for them and because it was so windy and the cucumbers were so tall I decided to tie them up to the frame to get them growing in the right direction. Then I wrapped the bottom half of the frame with some roll plastic we had on hand to make a make-shift greenhouse until our weather gets just a little warmer.

all protected in their new little greenhouse



Here they are all tucked in to the greenhouse.

Here’s how it looks from the outside. Not very attractive but it will do for a few weeks it is needed to keep the plants a little warmer.

Outside view of the greenhouse


I also transplanted a few of the cherry tomatoes plants. I like to take off all the lower leaves and plant them deep.

Cherry Tomatoes Transplanted

My last transplanting task was the artichoke plants. We used to have a big artichoke plant but then we had a hard freeze after it had sprouted and it killed the plant. This year we started a few artichokes from seed and they did really well. We love artichokes so I am hoping they will produce well. Here’s two of the three I planted.

Artichokes in

My cold frame now has a few less plants in it but still too many for us to use. I need to transplant the Roma tomatoes and the heirloom Tiger tomatoes into the garden. I think I will grow eight Roma tomato plants and four Tiger tomato plants this year. The rest of the seedling will have to find a new home.

Cold Frame is a little more empty

Have you done any transplanting of your seedlings into the garden yet?


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    1. Thanks Sandra, I love to garden and since quite a few of my neighbors garden too we end up sharing with each other our extras. My extra tomato plants will go to the neighbors and so will the artichoke plants too.

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