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When I was teaching my daughter how to identify birds, oh so long ago. We used a bird book and a feeder to bring the birds into our yard. It’s amazing how many birds you can learn to identify this way. My daughter to this day still knows the bird names as soon as she see them.

Free Plant Identification Printable Pack | Frugal Family Home

Along those same lines, I though it might be fun to start teaching my kids what different plants look like in the garden. I didn’t want to make it a labor intensive task, but something fun.

Free Printable Plant Identification Cards | Frugal Family Home


To get started I went out with my camera and took some photos of the leaves on a bunch of the plants in our garden and made our own plant identification cards. I also included a few flowers we had in our garden too.

I gave the kids a list with the different plants to find  in our garden. As they found them they crossed them off their list.

Free Printable Garden Scavenger Hunt Sheet. Part of the plant identification printable pack | Frugal Family Home

I also made a sheet with photos of the plants and the names of those plants. It’s more like a game to match the photos to the names, using the plant identification book or from memory if you have older kids. This just gives them a little more practice in seeing the plant and learning the name.

Free Printable Plant Matching Game | Frugal Family Home


If you want to play this game with the kids but don’t have a garden, don’t worry. Just use the plant identification book and the match up game instead of the scavenger hunt. It’s  a great way to teach them how to identify plants in the garden without being too school like.

Free Plant Identification Printable Game for the kids. | Frugal Family Home

You can grab the plant identification printable pack for free. Just use this link, download and print it out. I tried to get really clear upclose photos so the kids could really see the features of each plant.

If you want the plant identification cards to last a little longer, I would print them out on cardstock and laminate them. If you print two sets of cards the kids could use them for a matching game.

The plant identification pack would also work as a great supplement to a plant study in your homeschool. I hope your kids have a great time learning new plants with this learning pack.


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  1. This would also be a fun scavenger hunt at the local nursery or lawn and garden store 🙂 Thank you!

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