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Garden Update..More Flowers in our Garden

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Garden Update

I went out yesterday to take some pictures in my garden. We had a few days of over 70 degree weather so that has really helped the plants to start growing fast in the garden. It was so warm over the weekend I put my seedlings outside and just left them to bask in the sun. They are really growing fast.

I am hoping that this week we will be able to get covers over two of the raised beds. So I can be ready when the seedlings need to be transplanted and so I can leave the seedlings to grow outside instead of having to set up my grow lamp this year. Although this year if the weather stays warm enough I may only need to use cloche covers on the pepper plants instead of using a full bed cover. I will just have to wait and see.

While I was out taking pictures I had a hummingbird come flying up to our fountain we have on our front porch. The hummingbird was going to take a bath in the fountain as they do on a regular basis. So I tried to snap a picture really quickly but my camera wasn’t turned on and the my movement just scared the hummingbird away. Maybe in the future I will get another chance to get a photo to share.

Here’s the photos I took yesterday, 

Vegetable Seedlings

Our vegetable seedlings have really grown over the last week.

Daffodil White with yellow Fringe

I love that this daffodil is different from the others in our garden.

Dwarf Bleeding Heart

Dwarf Bleeding Hearts are native to our area and they grow so nicely in our yard. I love that the fern like foliage stays from spring until late in the fall.

Another Hosta with Water droplets

This is a picture of a hosta in a planter on our back deck. These grow really well in the dense shade of our backyard under our 30 foot oak trees. I love how the water droplets hang on the spikes.

Hosta Leaf starting to unroll

Another hosta on our back deck just opening up.

Hosta Starting to Open

This hosta is growing so fast right now, I think it grows a little every hour.

Fuchsia Coming Back to LifeI also discovered that my fuchsias have wintered over and started to grow. I still need to trim off the dead sticks but I want these to get growing well before I do any trimming.

That’s what is growing in our garden this week. What’s starting to grow in your garden right now?



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